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Things to Know for Healthy Lungs

sennior woman patient doing some yoga
Health is wealth is a popular saying you should not ignore. If you take it seriously, you save yourself from spending too much hospital bills. Seniors age 65 and above need around-the-clock care like what a home health care in Rego Park, New York can provide. This is to keep their health in optimal condition.
One more important organ that elderly adults should focus on is their lungs. When they breathe with less oxygen, health complications start to kick in. That is why an expert in personal care in New York should be considered. Here are the ways they can improve lung function:
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
    • Simple breathing techniques considering the capacity of the diaphragm can improve lung health. You can do this by being aware of the separation of your lungs and the abdomen when you breathe.
  • Simple deep breathing
    • You can do this by consciously expand your belly when you are inhaling. Then, you have to expand your ribs. The last step is to ensure your upper chest expand and lift.
  • Counting your breaths
    • The plan to increase the lung capacity is also by gradually increasing the inhalations and exhalations. You start by counting the natural process of breathing you make. Then, you should ensure that the time needed to inhale is equal to the time need to exhale.
  • Watching your posture
    • Lungs are soft structures. You can increase your lung breathing capacity with the right posture. It only takes the space you provide when you do the improper posture.
  • Staying hydrated
    • Water is important for the overall function of the lungs. Stay hydrated to keep the thinner mucosal linings. Then, you can breathe without blockage.
Home care services offered by IHCS or International Home Care Services of New York, LLC can assist in the respiratory health of seniors. Respiratory health experts are ready to help.
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