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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services include therapeutic exercises, gait training, active range of motion exercises, ultrasound, short-wave and microwave diathermy treatments, paraffin, and whirlpool baths.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy program may include selecting and teaching task-oriented therapeutic activities designed to restore physical function, planning, implementing, and supervising therapeutic tasks and activities designed to restore sensory integrative function, as well as individualized therapeutic programs as part of an overall “active treatment” program. It can also involve teaching ADLs and instrumental ADLs like designing, fabricating, and fitting orthotic and self-help devices.

Speech Therapy

The speech therapist works with patients to improve their ability to carry out independently ADLs related to communication or swallowing, i.e., talking on the phone, eating, or managing oral secretions. The Speech Therapy services include assessment, diagnostic testing and evaluation, maintenance therapy, therapeutic services, aural rehabilitation, teaching, and training.

Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapist runs tests to determine the state of the client’s pulmonary health, i.e., arterial blood gases, lung volume, and pulmonary infusion, sets up and monitors therapeutic gases and environmental control systems, initiates and supports a breathing apparatus (mechanical ventilator), administers medications needed for respiratory care, provides pulmonary rehabilitation, instructs patients in the proper use and cares of respiratory-related equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations and policies and procedures.

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