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Author Archives: internationalhomeka

senior man patient lying on bed

What You Need to Know About Respiratory Therapy

Being self-conscious about your health makes your lungs strong. If you ever have medical conditions about your lungs, you contact respiratory therapists. A home health care in Rego Park, New York can help you find a trustworthy one to assist...

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senior woman patient and the home care staff

Advantages of Hiring Personal Care Aides

Taking your elderly family members to a facility that can assist them is good. But, the best option you may find is in home health care in Rego Park, New York. They can have your parents go in a care plan that suits them. Do the best that...

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image of the senior woman assisted by the home care staff

Therapeutic Care for Active Seniors

Are you or your senior loved one in a post-operative situation, dealing with an injury, or experiencing an age-related illness? If you are still active enough but have been restrained by your health condition, you can find reliable therapeutic...

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image of medical supplies

Nursing Care: Managing the Risks of COVID-19

Seniors, especially the ones with prior and current health conditions, are at risk of getting COVID-19. Thus, availing of skilled nursing care from a reliable provider of home health care in Rego Park, New York, is crucial during this health...

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image of senior woman and the home care staff doing thumbs up

Senior Health During Isolation

COVID-19 is causing our lives to turn upside-down. The disease is causing many Americans to get sick, and this has brought our health and home care services on the brink of collapse. Authorities have struggled to keep up with the virus, and...

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image of senior woman on a wheelchair and the home care staff

Why Your Health Plan Should Include Personal Care

Due to the current global health condition caused by the pandemic, providers of home health care in Rego Park, New York are making sure that they can address the various needs of clients. Home health is basically known for skilled care...

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