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Nursing Services

In-Home Skilled Nursing in Rego Park, New York

Caregiver with her old patientIntermittent skilled nursing visits and the RN provides supervision to the paraprofessional staff. The nurse providing nursing care to patients will perform the following functions:

  • Assessment of psychosocial needs
  • Assessment of physical status
  • Assessment of safety factors and needs
  • Assessment of response to medications and treatments
  • Patient/signi­ficant other/caregiver education
  • Monitoring of safety and function of DME
  • Supervision of Aides
  • Coordination of Services
  • Clinical conferencing with other members of the health care team

Services provided by the nurse will be related to the patient’s diagnoses/problems; they include the following where applicable:

  • Monitoring of vital signs
  • Auscultation of lungs
  • Height/Weight measurements
  • Supervision of medications including effects, side effects, and related teaching
  • Instruction and supervision of diet
  • Instruction in illness prevention
  • Rehabilitation nursing, active and passive range of motion exercises, breathing exercises
  • Instruction in safety measures
  • Emotional support
  • Any other nursing procedure ordered by the patients physician
  • Recommendations for referrals.

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Our Mission Statement

“ Our mission is to provide home health care services to individuals in their home. The services are made available, to meet the speci­fic needs of each patient, and is coordinated by an individualized plan of care developed by the agency’s RN, the patient/family and patient’s physician. ”

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